Lauren Kate Fallen – Twilight star ponders who would win between Team Twilight and Team Potter

Lauren Kate Fallen – Jamie Campbell Bower recently conducted an interview with InStyle that went live today and talked about the two major league young adult franchises he took part in Twilight and Harry Potter. Bower portrayed Caius in The Twilight Saga New Moon and will appear in both Breaking Dawn movies. He also portrayed Gellert Gindelwald in both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Tim Burton fans might also remember him as the young man who accompanied Sweeney Todd as the demon barber made his way into London. In the interview, the 22-year old British actor was asked how the Harry Potter and Twilight jobs differed behind-the-scenes. Every job is different, Bower said. My time on Harry Potter was very, very short, whereas my time on Twilight was quite long and extended.

Every job brings a new life experience. I was able to come back home when I was in Potter, whereas when I was in Twilight I was out in Baton Rouge and Vancouver for five months together. Every job should just bring something new and exciting and should help you grow.

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