Lauren Kate Fallen – The Voice: Book Review: Falling for Fallen

Lauren Kate Fallen – Fallen by Lauren Kate is a story rich with mythology, romance, twists, suspense, and action at the very end of the story. The first 400 pages of this 464-page novel are fluff, lead up, and back story that is pretty dull. Theres one action-ish sequence around page 300, but it is so short that you hardly realize that something is going on before they pull you back into the basic humdrum of the story. The entire book has a very addictive quality even when nothing is going on, it makes you feel like it until you look back and realize nothing has happened at all. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, though, the ending is well worth it. The background information and mystery laid out agonizingly through the first 400 pages is an unfortunate necessity to enjoy the amazing ending. You think, through the beginning, that you have everything figured out some of the hints are hard to miss. But, when you reach the end, you realize there is more to it than you imagined, as you are thrust out of the real world into a fantastic, suspenseful, edge-of-your-seat finale that transcends space and time. Fallen is the first book released in a planned four-part series, with the next book, Torment, scheduled for release this September. Additionally, Disney has purchased the rights to all four movies. Hopefully, future books will continue the level set by the ending of Fallen.

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