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Lauren Kate Fallen – Traps 14, Wilson MS (Glendale) usually take one or two weeks to finish a book, but I did leave three days to drop Lauren Kate, because I was hooked. Fall is in the modern era, Georgia, in a reform school called Sword and the Cross. Seventeen years Luce Award is forced to go Sword and the Cross because her boyfriend died in a mysterious fire, and authorities suspect she was murdered. Another reason is because she has admitted she can not see what “shadow” you can see anyone else asks. Luce When it comes to reform school, learns about good and bad angels hidden among students liked by ordinary people. In the school meets two guys sweet Luce, Daniel and Cam. Cam bought him gifts and took him on a picnic, while Daniel turns against them with the eyes first.

In addition, he complains that his harassment. Luce is not sure why, but she is attracted to him and thought you saw before, so you can not help but feel attracted to him. One day, while in the library of a fire and she lost consciousness. When she wakes up, find someone to carry it. When she looks up he sees Daniel with great white wings on the back. As you read this, I tried to understand what is meant and if it is a dream or reality. I kept reading it avidly.

Daniel Lucero said he tried to stay away from it for their own safety. Slowly begins to learn the truth about the dangers of love for Daniel. No fallen angel in the afterlife is going to do everything possible to stop and Daniel Luce together. Send evil angels and creatures like demons trying to kill him or her. I like how the author’s feelings of young people express. I felt like I was seeing Daniel Luce in the library.

“When they looked at the slight movement of your body as outlined, Luce felt inside, and burning, as if he had swallowed something hot. Do not go to him. After all, had not even know, never talked to him. Your message engraved on the extent to which a large and a few had dirty air. But for some reason was very important to know what the notebook. “Sometimes I feel like I know what’s going to be destroyed to do, but I think a stalker.

I recommend this book to anyone who loves humor and romance. I read this book on tracking, called torture. I can not for the next book, the passion seen appeared. How many were there because of his love for other creatures and also tested, although doubts about his love.. .

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