Fallen – Lauren Kate

Lauren Kate Fallen – There is something painfully familiar to Daniel Gregory. Mysterious and aloof, which draws attention to the price Luce from the moment she sees on her first day at boarding Cross & Sword suffocating in Savannah, Georgia. The only bright spot in an area where mobile phones are banned, you can see all the other students of screw-ups, and security cameras at every turn. Although nothing to do with Daniel Luce and off the road, saying he wants to make clear that it can not fail them. Him like a moth drawn to light, they have to say that Daniel is so desperate to keep secret. . . even if it kills them. When Luce settled Swords & Crosses, a reformatory for troubled children, he never thought he’d met someone worth knowing. I mean, a school for children with problems – ugly, psychotic, crazy and confused children. The town itself looked and felt like a prison. But such is life and things are never as we expect, right? Meet Daniel. Luce time fixed his eyes on him, he feels. This thing. A connection. Since I met him before or something. All in a small glance. But I felt it’s certainly not showing it. Daniel, it is clear that he is not interested in Luce, stop stop harass, harass. Not paid, then why not stay away from it? Why can not it out of your head? She knows there is something outside of what is outside and determined to find out what it is. Only then can get rid of him is with a heavy heart. I hate it, such as trafficking in Daniel Luce. It is more than a little harsh. More than that, I like the way back Luce unabashedly continue to go for more information. I wondered where the independence of compliance and girls is, how could a child to treat his illness. I have plenty of books as we know now that often, my first reaction to people like Daniel is wrong and that the surface much more precisely. Although I was aware when I read, I could not avoid the feeling of control for him. The question you should ask yourself, I stay, or what I earn in the final? Enter Cam. He is the man you love to hate. He’s charming, handsome and he is definitely interested in Luce. The herd him away, go to all the other opportunities even try to score with her. And Luce likes her back, what he does. Therefore, he argued, not far from his advances. But it is only one thing … missing, and do not know what it is. Maybe it’s all just so easy. No internal emotional struggle, the suffering caused only by them. But it is easy to use even try? How complex all good signs, there is more beyond the visible Cam. Just when you think you thought of him, he turns around and does something that completely throw you off the track. Cam is surprising in many respects. Actions speak louder than words, so we know that if the truth about these kids what they want and say what they do. This is the kind of book in which not much happens but everything happens. It takes a while to go, but it’s definitely worth the wait. This is an intensive reading of these writings, which focused largely on the relationships and friendships, but little action. It’s just the end, but be sure to put on hold. Fallen is an attempt to read a fascinating read. This is an excellent first book, which I hope will be an amazing series.

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